Microweddings on Maui

microwedding ceremony
Small wedding ceremony in Lahaina

Are these a thing now? I suppose in some places they are. Because of Covid19, events have had to scale things down, including guest counts. Celebrations, weddings, and other gatherings that usually have headcounts in the hundreds have been forced to trim it to 50 at the most.

Here on Maui, Iʻve been DJ-ing “microweddings” for at least 20 years. I think my smallest group may have been 11 people…definitely something less than 20. In the destination wedding market, thereʻs already a limited headcount, mostly due to the fact that not everyone is able to fly over to Hawaii. Entertaining smaller groups can be more of a challenge than bigger groups, but it can still be a fun time. Sometimes, these are even more fun than larger events, but they are definitely more intimate.

microwedding reception table setting
Yes, this was the setting for the entire group for the wedding reception on Gannonʻs Lower Lawn.
Microwedding destination wedding in Kihei, Maui. White Orchid Beach House.
Everybody fits under one tent!