Wedding Venue Olowalu Maluhia

Weddings on Maui are the best. Nothing like starting a new year with a wedding on Maui at a new wedding venue located in Olowalu.  It’s called Olowalu Maluhia and is located near the popular Olowalu Plantation House.  Gorgeous views and a beautiful home with a lot of space for guests and dancing!

Fun times and a great success.  Catering and coordination provided by Celebrations Catering.

Maui wedding ceremony

Imagine your wedding here in Olowalu, Maui.


beachfront view at wedding site in Olowalu

Love the view at Olowalu Maluhia


olowalu wedding

Greetings and welcome to Olowalu Maluhia!


maui dj wedding dancing

Dancing and having fun at Maui wedding reception in Olowalu.